Category: Child Custody & Visitation

While You Wait: Pendente Lite Orders

Litigation is costly and time-consuming. Especially in family cases, the fight may be harder than you expect. Not only is the financial reality burdensome, but the personal nature of these matters is exhausting. Pendente lite (Latin for “pending litigation”) orders exist in order to maintain the status quo—particularly when minors are involved. As we discussed […]

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Why You Should Always Read the Small Print

Did you notice those restraining orders hiding on the back of your divorce paperwork? If not, I don’t blame you—they’re easy to miss. Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROs) or Standard Family Law Restraining Orders (as they’re now called) are four mutual orders that automatically come into effect when filing for divorce or legal separation. They […]

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Parenting Together After Divorce

The emotional strain of a divorce is never limited to the former spouses involved. Divorce creates a confusing and distressing time for children as well. With the frequency of divorce today, more children grow up juggling households. They have to find balance between two literal and metaphorical houses. Your child may not currently understand the […]

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