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Pro Bono

The Law Office of Jennifer L. King's emphasis on family underpins all the work that we do. It motivates us to place pro bono service at the heart of our practice. Currently, we volunteer with the California Innocence Project and mentor through the iQuest program at California High School in San Ramon.

California Innocence Project

Established in 1999 at California Western School of Law, the California Innocence Project (CIP) is a founding member of the Innocence Network. Every year CIP examines over 2,000 claims of innocence from inmates all over the state. With the help of law students, staff attorneys, and volunteers, CIP has freed many innocent people, trained many talented attorneys, and provoked positive legislative change.

As a pro bono attorney for the California Innocence Project, Ms. King and her legal assistant pre-screen case files for selection by reviewing materials, drafting memorandums, and making recommendations about whether cases should be pursued. This work comprises an essential step in the Innocence Project’s mission.

The iQuest Program at California High School

California High School’s iQuest program was created in 2011 with the aim of providing seniors with valuable work experience early. Typically lasting a semester, the program acquaints students with the ins-and-outs of professions that interest them.

Ms. King welcomes an intern into her practice weekly, working one-on-one to meet his/her individual goals. Through this engagement, Ms. King hopes to provide students with the support she herself was grateful to have received as a young professional—assistance not often found amidst today’s high-paced, competitive atmosphere.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer King as she selflessly agreed to host a student for an internship as part of California High School’s iQuest program. iQuest is a competitive senior level program designed to give passionate students the gift of time to pursue their interest in the form of an internship. Jennifer mentored a law intern for the duration of an entire school year. She gave the student firsthand experience in the field of law. She coached her on personal and professional development. She guided the student with high professional standards and empathy. She made a difference in the life of a future lawyer. I am incredibly grateful for Jennifer’s willingness to partner with iQuest and California High School. Her leadership is invaluable, and her devotion to her community is inspiring. Thank you Jennifer!”

-Shanna Gagnon, iQuest Supervisor