1. How do I set up an appointment?

Contact us by phone at (924) 648-2004 or email jennifer@blackhawklitigation.com to request an intake packet. We will send it to you promptly, and once we receive it back, we will set up a consultation. We prefer to have reviewed the facts of your case prior to meeting so that we can maximize your time.

2. Do you charge for consultations? Some lawyers give free consultations.

Yes. We charge a flat rate of $195 for consultations because Ms. King designed the firm to be low volume. She based this structure on feedback from clients, who frequently lamented their attorney’s inattention and unavailability. Our goal is to provide excellent service to a group of hand-picked clients. We want prospective clients to make a good-faith investment as we are making an investment of our time.

3. What are your hourly rates and billing practices?

Time is billed in minimum increments one-tenth (.1) of an hour. Ms. King charges $395 per hour, her paralegal charges $175 per hour, her associated attorneys charge $315 per hour, and her legal assistant charges $85 per hour. We bill for the time spent on telephone calls, e-mails, and other electronic communications relating to your case, including calls and e-mails with you, witnesses, opposing counsel, court personnel or other persons. Our staff may confer among themselves about your case, as required and appropriate. When we confer, each person will charge for the time expended, as long as the work is done is reasonably necessary and not duplicative. We charge for waiting time in court and elsewhere and for travel time, both local and out of town.

4. How much will my divorce cost?

There is no way for an attorney to honestly predict the cost of a case. Certain factors (e.g. disputed custody, domestic violence, lack of awareness re-financial status, complex property division and complex spousal support calculations) indicate that a case will be more expensive. Other factors (the absence of minor children, little or no property and financial transparency) indicate a quicker and less-expensive case resolution.

5. How much is your initial retainer rate? & What are your retainer fee policies?

The initial retainer is deposited into an Attorney-Client trust account called an IOLTA. Interest from the IOLTA is paid to the State Bar of California. At the end of every month, we generate a detailed billing statement of charges we have incurred in your case. At that time, the money for work performed is transferred out of the IOLTA account. Any funds remaining in the IOLTA account will be credited against the following month’s billing statement. If your initial deposit is depleted, you will be required to make a subsequent deposit for continued work on your case. If at the end of representation, unused funds from your deposits remain in the IOLTA account, they will be refunded. We will require an initial retainer deposit before we begin work on your case. Most post-divorce modification issues require an initial retainer deposit of $5,000. Most divorce cases require an initial retainer of $10,000. The initial deposit is not an estimate of the total anticipated fees, in your case. Rather, it functions more like security for us to begin work.

6. Do you take credit cards?